About Us

About the Chiwit Sabai Family

Hi all & thanks for taking the time to stop in to read a little about us.
We are just normal working class family (Mum (Thai), Dad (Aussie) & 2 kids) and we are lucky enough to live in the countryside of Beautiful Isaan in the north/east of Thailand, a good 5-600km from the bustle of big city Bangkok.
We run a small shop here in the countryside & to try to provide a little extra for the kids we decided to jump into having an online shop to supplement our brick & mortar shop.
We are not slick online entrepreneurs with all the right words, tactics & methods to screw you out of your hard earned $$$, we are just simple, NO bullshit people who honour the often forgotten concept of customer service and treating people with Courtesy, dignity & respect. 
Over the years we have built up a steady business but here as in most economies, it's just never enough to provide a quality education & life for the kids & little extras.
Our vision is that if we can get out of our own way for long enough to provide you with great products at a great price then by helping you get what you want & need, in turn our kids will get what they need.
We are not just looking to make a quick buck from you but rather we want to provide a good product, good deal & personalised service for you and to develop a long lasting relationship.
So we welcome & encourage you to Contact Us about anything. 
Whether it be about a product here, or maybe you might be planning a holiday to Thailand & want some info or just to say "G'day" We love our daily interactions with customers here in our "real world" shop & we hope to develop the same relationships with you too.