Delivery Information

Shipping Info

Wherever possible we like to offer free shipping so what you see is what you pay.
However there are some places it's just not possible to either ship to or to ship to for free.
Occasionally depending where in the world you are there may be an extra cost on top for shipping to you. This is not our choice, this is dependent on the available shipping options for your location.
We use a few different methods for shipping because not all companies do the same prices or services, so we hunt out the best provider we can e.g. DHL, TNT, FedEx, various countries post office parcel post.
We source our products from all over the world so unfortunately there is no hard & fast rule or provider.
Please always Contact Us prior to confirming your order so we can work out the best(cheapest and fastest) method for your budget and give you a 100% final price prior to finalising your order. 
We want to be clear & up front with you about your total cost so there is no suprises for you.
Also there would be (on many but not all items) a premium shipping option as well if you are in a hurry & want to pay some extra for speedier delivery, so again Contact Us if you would like a premium option for your order.